My process

The process of building a new website should be collaborative and enjoyable. I'll work closely with you every step of the way, listening to your feedback to ensure I deliver a finished product that achieves every one of your goals.

  • Discuss your requirements

    We'll sit down and have an informal chat about your requirements and what you'd like to achieve with your new website.

  • Overview & estimate

    I'll go away and produce an overview of the project based on the information you've provided, which will list all agreed deliverables and associated costs.

    Once this overview is agreed, we'll get to work!

  • Research & discovery

    I'll ask you lots of questions, building on our earlier conversations to gain a complete understanding of your objectives.

    We'll talk about your target audience and the way in which you'd like them to experience the website. We'll look at existing designs and develop a picture of how you'd like your website to look and feel.

  • Site plan

    We'll talk about what sections and pages the website will need. We'll think about how your users will navigate the website, making sure that we keep your desired customer journey in mind.

  • Design

    I'll create visuals for key pages. We'll spend some time discussing and fine-tuning these visuals to ensure you're happy before we move on to the next stage.

  • Development

    I'll get to work on building the website. As it starts to take shape, we'll review the design and functionality so we can make minor tweaks as we go.

  • Training

    I'll make sure you are comfortable with the Content Management System and know how to edit and add content to your shiny new website.

  • Job done, right?

    Not so fast! The launch of a new website is really just the beginning. It's a living, breathing thing that needs to evolve with your business and your customers.

    We can analyse visitor data to see how your users are interacting with the website. Maybe your customers are getting stuck at a certain page and leaving. Maybe they're not using the site the way we anticipated.

    So I hope that, once the website has been launched, we can stay in touch and I can continue to help you and your business grow.