The Eden Academy is a family of schools near London that specialises in meeting the educational needs of children with a range of learning difficulties.

I have created websites for The Eden Academy and three of the schools within the family.

My work for The Eden Academy began while employed at Fusion Design in Cheltenham. I continue to work on their sites as a freelancer.

Consistent, yet distinctive

It was important to The Eden Academy that the relationship between the schools be reflected in the design and function of their websites. But each of the schools also wanted their website to be distinctive.

The sites share a similar theme, but are differentiated by their branding and use of colour. Moorcroft School requested the addition of a news section to their site, which also features a different style of hero carousel on the home page, as well as a module carousel towards the bottom of the page.


The Eden Academy caters specifically to children and young people with a range of learning difficulties, including those with special physical and sensory needs. For this reason, we paid particular attention to accessibility.

Each website features an accessibility toolbar, allowing visitors to easily increase the text size, view a text-only version of the site and switch between different colour schemes, ensuring the sites are accessible to people with an array of visual impairments.