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Freefoam is a leading manufacturer of a wide range of roofline, rainwater and cladding products for the building industry in the UK, Ireland and Mainland Europe.

Freefoam's marketing approach relies heavily on their online presence. I have worked with them for a number of years, providing them with the tools they need to generate leads, communicate effectively with their customers and coordinate with their stockists and installers.

My work for Freefoam began while employed at Fusion Design in Cheltenham. I continue to work on their sites as a freelancer.

My Cladding

My Cladding is a website dedicated to generating sales leads and helping visitors make the right decisions when choosing cladding for their home.

All leads that come through the site are fed into a centralised system that allows Freefoam to assign each lead to one or more local installers with just a few clicks of a mouse, and then track the progress of the lead through to completion of the installation.

My Roofline Matters

Following the success of My Cladding, My Roofline Matters was created in its image, this time focusing on Freefoam's range of roofline products.

The site complements My Cladding in design and layout, but with its own distinct colour scheme.

As with My Cladding, all leads generated through the site are delivered to a centralised system, where they are assigned to one or more local registered Freefoam installers.

Interactive tools

Both My Cladding and My Roofline Matters incorporate various custom built, interactive tools designed to enable customers to make a more informed decision about their purchase of Freefoam products.

On My Cladding, visitors can request cladding samples, calculate the cost of adding cladding to their home and use the cladding visualiser to experiment with different cladding colours, trim colours and property types.

I also created a standalone version of the cladding visualiser, which has been embedded on various retail websites, including Jewson.

My Roofline Matters features a roofline visualiser, allowing customers to try out different colour combinations of fascia, soffit and guttering, as well as a roofline guide to educate customers on the different components that combine to form a property's roofline.

Central dashboard

Maintaining their network of stockists and installers is vital to Freefoam's business.

My Freefoam is a custom built, centralised system that allows Freefoam to communicate with their partners, assign and track sales leads, and manage a database of product guarantees.

As Freefoam's business grows and their needs evolve, this centralised system must evolve with them. I am continually working with Freefoam to add improvements and new features to the system to ensure it continues to provide them with the tools they need to grow their business and support their partners and customers.

"Pete is a skilled and flexible web developer. I have worked with him on a variety of websites for Freefoam Building Products, both B2C and B2B focused. He always listens to us as clients, developing solutions to meet our needs and works with us giving us tools to achieve our targets, delivering to budget and deadline. I would recommend him to any company."

Louise Sanderson