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Perhaps one of the biggest electronic music acts of the last 30 years, Karl Hyde and Rick Smith, better known as Underworld, have produced some of the most recognisable electronic music of their generation.

I've worked with Underworld for many years, providing web assets to support a broad and eclectic array of music and art projects, from the release of their eighth studio album, Barking in 2010 to their music direction of the 2012 Summer Olympics opening ceremony, reprising their partnership with film-maker and ceremony director Danny Boyle.


Since I began working with Underworld in 2011, I have made various updates and improvements to the Underworld website. Underworld's creativity spans more than just music; the site showcases Karl Hyde's art as well as various other projects.

The home page takes the form of a grid of interchangeable squares, allowing Underworld and their management to highlight whatever they are promoting at any given time.


In 2010, Underworld released their eighth studio album, Barking. I worked with their management to design and build a variety of online marketing tools to promote the release.


I designed and built a dedicated microsite with purchase links, audio, live photos, tour dates and a competition to win a limited edition Barking box set.

International purchase links Facebook tab

I built a custom tab for the Underworld Facebook page featuring purchase links for all formats of the release in all countries, ensuring it was as easy as possible for fans to buy the album.

Video editing

Underworld produced a continuous video spanning the entire length of the album. I edited the video down, creating one video for each song on the album to be uploaded to YouTube, each with an end card promoting the album.


In 2011, Underworld created the music and sound score for the National Theatre production of Frankenstein, directed by Danny Boyle.

I created a dedicated microsite featuring sample tracks, behind the scenes photos, a video trailer, and a link to buy 'Frankenstein: Music from the Play' from Underworld's website, as well as a selection of Frankenstein themed t-shirts.

Karl's Diary

Karl Hyde is a prolific writer and has been posting entries in his online diary for many years, never missing a day.

I built a WordPress site to host Karl's diary. The site is clean and simple, with the focus on Karl's writing.

Whether he is at home, in the studio or on tour, Karl can post to the diary from any device, ensuring that he never misses a day.

"We have worked with Pete for many years, both building our website from scratch, adding new pages, maintaining the site and fixing any problems that arrive. We have always been impressed by his speedy response and the quality of his work. Before we worked with Pete we had some bad experiences with web developers but Pete has been great, I would thoroughly recommend him."

Anis Marks

The Sunday Club (Underworld management)